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CCG provides a full range of construction services tailored to your project and with your goals in mind. We offer a high level of technical expertise and experience customized to meet each client’s unique needs.

General Contracting

When your design is complete and you need to find a trusted construction partner – we’re ready to jump in and get to work! CCG’s team dissects the bid documents provides competitive and comprehensive bids that serve to kick start a relationship either for that project or a future one. As we build the job on paper during bid time, we’ll provide you a complimentary constructability feedback.

Construction Management

The ultimate way to… Engage. Collaborate, Execute. The construction management project delivery method affords CCG the opportunity to get to know your business and Its operations in detail, the background for the project and what is important to the key decision-makers and stakeholders. Our team customizes an equitable contractual relationship unique to your project and Its parameters then we can begin to add value for you through Preconstruction Services, construction of your vision and support through the operation and maintenance phase.

Design Build

Let’s collaborate and integrate! Design-build is delivery method that yields great value for the right clients. Since 2006, CCG has successfully delivered contractor led design-build projects including new construction. We have a team of go-to professionals with the required design-build proficiency and we’ll work with you to understand your project goals.
We’ll use our design-build experience to validate, refine and organize your program/project Into manageable tasks. The value begins to maximize as we Integrate all project elements Into an executable plan for a turn-key construction solution.


We are your advocate. Preconstruction is the start to a great collaboration between CCG and its clients. We go way beyond the numbers to understand your needs, vision and requirements. This allows us to collaborate with you and help devise a construction management plan custom tailored to your total satisfaction. CCG’s team Is constantly building projects of diverse construction types and those unique experiences fuel our capability to add real-time value.

We constantly monitor and analyze market conditions as well as include subcontractors in the pre-planning of your project. We leave no stone unturned to gather all the Information we need to develop a management plan that will address coordination of design to budget, procurement strategies/Long Lead Items and Processes and overcome challenges to successful completion of your project.

As you’re advocate, CCG’s team delivers strategies for success In an honest and easy to understand manner and format.

Sustainable / Green Construction

CCG takes pride in our role as stewards of the environment for its work and business operations. We deeply care about and are committed to limiting the impacts of our work and operations as well as the conservation of energy. CCG collaborate with its clients to establish specific project requirements while helping the team with energy benchmarking (consumption data) and consideration of cost/benefit analysis. We have a sincere belief that sustainability promotes wellness and operational efficiency and cost savings. Regardless of project requirements, CCG establishes standards that we will Implement on each project. CCG was extremely proud of its selection by the United Nations Environment Programme, a leading global environment authority, for Improvements to their office space in which we went beyond our obligations to maintain their LEED Gold Standards.

At CCG’s office, we perform waste reduction/recycling, use eco-friendly products and provide continual training and educational opportunities for CCG’s team.

We offer a high level of technical expertise and experience customized to meet each client’s unique needs.

We are committed to client service.

On several occasions, Capital Construction went beyond its obligations. It was greatly
appreciated that the team put such importance on their client’s satisfaction and that
the requested work was done well.

Office-in-Charge | United Nations Environment Programme

We are committed to problem solving.

Wow is all I can say. Under very difficult circumstances,
you guys did an awesome job!
Everything looks great.

Facilities Director | Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

We are committed to teamwork.

I was impressed with CCG’s ability to react quickly to setbacks arising from unforeseen conditions,
and solve other pressing problems in a timely manner and complete the project on schedule…
This was a viable partnership in which I thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Program Manager  | District of Columbia Government

We are committed to quality.

I extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to this fine team.
I know we, as well as our visitors,
will enjoy the beauty of their craftsmanship for years to come.

President & Chief Executive Officer | Amtrak