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We tailor our management approach to meet the needs of your project.

CCG provides a high level of technical expertise and experience implemented by a project-specific, tailored management approach of the entire construction process. Our team has a proven track record of collaboration with its clients to achieve a fully integrated construction solution in which CCG facilitates a smooth, worry-free process. Our approach’s success is demonstrated by the sustained organic growth of CCG, in which 90% of our awarded projects are earned from repeat and referred clients.

Health + Safety

There is nothing more important than keeping everyone who comes into contact with our projects healthy and safe. That is why we follow the Plan Safety, Work Safely philosophy. At CCG, we anticipate safety risks on our projects and actively plan for their mitigation before the first worker ever gets a boot on the project. This Includes subcontractor selection, comprehensive project specific safety plans and job hazard analysis, which are utilized throughout the life of a project through safety orientations, meetings and training as well as onsite inspections and walk throughs. Capital Construction Group (CCG) has been named a Platinum Level STEP (Safety Training Evaluation Process) recipient by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). 

Quality Management

At CCG, we love what we do and we take great pride In our work! Quality management plays an essential role in our finished product so we have built a culture of quality management where the entire team shares in the responsibility of the outcomes. Our quality standards are communicated and adopted by our Subcontractor partners which results in the high-level of craftsmanship that our clients have come to expect from our team.
CCG’s quality management process consists of:

  • A comprehensive, custom quality management plan that details the best methods for the project
  • Input and buy-In from all key stakeholders
  • Execution of the work

Client Service

Our clients are at the center of our success and we recognize that our excellent performance on every project is how we earn their trust. Our customer partnerships are built on a foundation of collaboration and great communication. We recognize that every project is unique, just as every client has a specific vision for their project. Our approach is simple: we are advocates for our clients and our ability to perform is directly tied to helping them meet their project goals. Each client and project receive individualized, focused attention from our experienced, dedicated team. Ultimately, this personal attention creates a positive customer service experience from preconstruction until long after the project is complete.

Schedule Management

Our clients trust CCG to deliver exceptional results. The schedule is an important tool on any construction project. Our approach to schedule management is to proactively evaluate the risks of each project so that we can work with our clients to mitigate before they become Issues. Our team provides efficient, flexible schedules in an easy to read and trackable format with buy-in from all the stakeholders of the project. Through the schedule management process, we hold everyone on the project accountable and keep the project progressing forward.

Budget and Cost Control

CCG understands that maintaining the project budget is critical to any successful project. We take an active, leadership role in collaborating and communicating with our clients. More than 75% of our work includes Preconstruction Services in which we help clients establish a realistic and reliable budget. CCG uses stringent management and job cost control processes and systems to adhere to and manage the budget. Our budgets follow the industry standard format and are in sufficient line-item detail for analysis, decision making and management. Contact us for a complimentary review of our standard budgeting process.


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